Aylsham Saint Michael Church NR11 6LW

Aylsham Saint Michael Church, square west tower with small spire, a clock and 10 bells, south porch with parvise, nave, north and south aisles, transepts, chancel and chancel aisles. 14th century tower with a poor base course but a fine west window of four lights. The base of the porch is 14th century, but in the 15th century they added the parvise. It has a fine canopied niche between two windows and good flush panelling. 14th century arcades, octagonal and round pillars alternating, and nice early 15th century font with the Crucifixion, Symbols of Passion and Emblems of the Passion on the bowl and armorial shield on the shaft including those of John the Gaunt. Modern roofs and benches. A great gallery under tower supported by wooden posts and arch-braced beams with traceried spandrils. Of the rood screen erected in 1507, there only remains the base with brattished middle rail and sixteen paited panels of saints and martyrs, with little angels at each side of their heads. Early Tudor Arms in glass of south east window. The style throughout is late Decorated and early Perpendicular. It was commenced in 1380, by John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. Three handsome sedilia and a piscina in chancel. There is a tomb to Thomas Wymer, who defrayed most of the cost of the screen, with brass effigy in shroud, dated 1507: another brass to Richard Howard, Sheriff of Norwich, who in 1488 built the porch. Several other 15th century brasses. Several monuments, including those of Jermy Drake, Wrench, Norgate and Rushburgh families. Also another to Bishop Jegon of Norwich, died 1617. Some ancient stained glass. A fine pulpit, 1600 and 16th century plate. John O' Gaunt, time-honoured lancaster, would ride with his rich retinue, for in the Guildhall of this town of wool and worsted he held the court of his duchy. Tradition makes him the founder of this church, and crtainly he must have seen the arches of its nave rise up in splendour. After his death the town's rich burgesses raised the high tower and added the aisle, the chancel, and the transepts. Then they gave the churchone of the finest 15th century fonts in England, with lion of John O' Gaunt among the heraldry carved in the pedestal, above the encircling roses on the base. Angels spread their winga above, and on the panels of the bowl is the Crucifixion with emblems of Passion and symbols of the Evangelists.

Some of the people that helped build this church are known, The parvise over the door was a gift of Richard Howard, a 15th-century sheriff of Norwich. Thomas Wymer, worstead weaver, was another benefactor, and his name is still on the old screen, though only its lower panels, (bright with paintings of Apostles and Martyrs) remain. Thomas lies in front of the reredos, which is made up from the traceried arcade of his screen. brasses of both these donors are here, on which thet appear as shrouded figures, and other brasses have their contempories, Thomas Tylson and Robert and Katherine Farman. In a niche above these is the many-coloured shield of John Jegon, Bishop of Norwich, who was laid to rest here in 1617. He was another benefactor, and perhaps the first to preach from this Jacobean pulpit. a window with a big picture of Saint John, another of unusual brilliance showing Moses with the brazen serpent, together with the pews and the little oak vestry, pay tribute to modern craftsmanship. In the churchyard is the tomb of Humprey Repton, the 18th century landscape gardener who laid out the lovely parks of gunton and Blickling.

 The Fall Of Jericho

Though the Israelites were freed from Egyptian rule, they had to still reach the promised land. 

The Old Testament, The Books Of Numbers Chapter 27; Deuteronomy 34; Joshua chapters 1 to 6

Aylsham Saint Michael Church, Postcode: NR11 6LW