Babingley Saint Felix Church old and new

Babingley Saint Felix Church, on the road between King's Lynn and Hunstanton, on the side at Cats Bottom, Bablingley.  Arthur Mee wrote: None should pass Bablingley by, for King and Saint have had it in their care. Its few people go to the simple church given by Edward the Seventh, when their old church became unsafe for use. It is a charming picture with its thatched roof and shingled bell-turret, ivy and flowery creeper happily hiding its iron walls; and it stands at the cross-roads by Sandringham's lovely woods, splashed with the colour purple of rhododendrons. From the main road we see the old church ruined and lonely in the fields, but its story is a proud one, for it is said to be on the site of the first Christan church in East Anglia, founded in the 7th century by Saint Felix. The ruined walls (with Norman masonary in them) are heavily draped with ivy up to the eaves, and are now a sanctuary for birds. They are mainly 14th century. two arches stood in the aisle and the tower stands bravely above the battered roof of the nave. One broken stone coffin still stands in its recess and another at the west end.


Moses had appointed Joshua to be his successor as he was a man who loved God. God told Joshua to prepare the people to cross the river Jordan so that they could go and take Jericho. Joshua sent two spies to scout the city, and they were given refuge by a woman named Rahab. She asked that when they took the city, they would spare her and her family. They agreed, and as she lived on the wall, she lowered them out her window to the other side. God told the people that the arc that held the Ten Commandments should be carried by twelve priests and that they and all the people should march around the city of Jericho sounding their trumpets, once every day for six days and on the seventh day; they were to march around it seven times. At the sound of the trumpet after the seventh round on the seventh day, the walls of Jericho would come crashing down. Joshua made the people obey, and everything happened just as God said. Joshua remembered Rahab and took her and her family safely out of the city, after which, they burned the city of Jericho to the ground.


God goes before His people and gives them victory in battle.

Babingley Saint Felix Church old and new