Bale, All Saints Church NR21-0DZ.

Bale, All Saints Church, Bale,or Bathele,  meaning, Bath grove olde English baeth + leah (Wood, Grove, clearing). Some have suggested that the "baeth" element may refer to warm springs. Others have argued that the wood provided timber suitable for making baths. 15th century stained glass to south east window of nave, most Norwich glass, one including a small fragment of the crucifixion of Christ. Bale, All Saints church, has its wine bottom pulpit, its seven sacrament font. It's many wall paintings, Bale has a 14th century Tower, its late Decorated Period, and has some tracery below the window on the west side. The nave is 14th century, the church still has its candle-beam pulley system, this high up in the nave roof on the east side. this a very rare survival, it was used to raise and lower a beam that was able to light the rood. The font is 1470, it shows the Instruments of the Passion etc. Also in the church are the Arms to the Stuarts. The the majority of stained glass is from the Norwich 15th century School of Glassmakers and dates from 1450 - 1480, a notable exception is the central panel in the main light which originated in the second half of the 14th century.Whilst speaking to a friend I hadn't seen as a 15/20 year old recently and telling him about my quest, he asked if I'd been to Bale, yes was my reply, Why? As a child Jim Mitchell's parents used to say you're "As big as a Bale oak, Jim thought they meant a bale of hay, in fact it was a huge oak tree; well, the oak has now gone, removed in 1869. Jim is 73 and doing really well. What ever must he have thought of me, ten years his junior.Seven Sacrament Font.


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Bale, All Saints Church Postcode: NR21-0DZ.

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