Bradwell Saint Nicholas Church NR31 8QQ

Bradwell Saint Nicholas Church, was built between 1320 and 1390, and it replaced a smaller building which itself may well have replaced a wooden building. It is one of about two hundred churches, mostly in Norfolk, with a round tower containing three bells. The church was gutted by fire in the 18th century and not restored until 1875 so most of the furnishings are Victorian. There are three lovely stained glass windows. The East window is dedicated to Louisa Gertrude Walker, the wife of John Walker rector 1864-1905. There are two stained glass windows on the south wall, one dedicated to Charles Henry Wiltshire, his wife Clara and their son Percy, who was killed during the first world war. The other is dedicated to John Manning Fellows and his sister Christine. This window was put in around 1935. The oldest memorial is of William Vesey Esq. of Hobland Hall who died in 1644 at the age of 63. He is represented with his first and second wife and their seven children. The bells are hung in a timber three bell frame made by Messers Day & Sons of Eye in the early 1920’s typical of their design, substantial in construction. Prior to 1920 when George Day re-hung the bells it is thought they were in deed a medieval ring of three. The Tenor was recast in 1919 by Mears & Stainbank, London having had a large visible crack in the crown. Both the Treble and the Second bells have cast in crown clapper staples whilst the Tenor has a modern type of staple and clapper arrangement with a central drilling. The bells are Simpson tuned, the Treble and Second being Maiden but the Tenor is a little flattened. The bells are pitched, in ascending order of size, at B, A and G above middle C. The most crispest of font carving I have seen in Norfolk.

Bradwell Saint Nicholas Church, Postcode: NR31 8QQ