Wooden Carvings in Norfolk Churches

There are loads of different carvings in all manner of places, non less than in churches. Norfolk has some of the Oldest and most elaborate of anywhere in the land. One carving is that from the 7 deadly sins, such as the delightful depiction of sloth, wrapped in blankets. Grimston, Norfolk.Others, say Swaffham Church has many carvings, both as extracts of Biblical stories and The Peddlar of Swaffham and his dog, a story by Mary C. Rowsell. Most if not every one tells its own story. And most carvers of them are unknown. Often churches display the very Saint that their church is dedicated to. Some display saints of all dedications. Some have the Virgin Mary and child as an ornate carving and some as animals, such as owls, bats, birds, cocks and even elephants. The poppy heads, a name given to the carving on the end of a pew, in many cases has an ornate carving. Others have non discript cuttings, to the trained eye they are monsters to fight off evil spirits, some shown devour humans.