Churches Wi.

Wickhampton, Saint Andrew, NR13-3PB.(one of only around six which step down, the others being Ashwellthorpe, Burgh Saint Mary, Dickleburgh, Helhoughton, Shelton and Wickhampton)

Wicklewood, Saint Andrews and All Saints, NR18-9HT. Wicklewood

Wickmere, Saint Andrew, NR11-7JE. Wickmere

Wiggenhall St Germans, Saint Germans. Wiggenhall

Wiggenhall St Peter, Saint Peter Ruin. Wiggenhall

Wiggenhall St Mary, Saint Mary. Wiggenhall

Wighton, All Saints, NR23-1AL. Wighton

Wilby, All Saints, NR16-2JP. Wilby

Wimbotsham, Saint Mary the Virgin. Wimbotsham

Winfarthing, Saint Mary, IP22-0EA. Winfarthing

Winterton, Holy Trinity and All Saints, NR29-4DB. Winterton

Witton, Saint Margaret, NR28-9TS.

Witton, Saint Margaret, NR13-5DN.

Wiveton, Saint Mary, NR25-7TP. Wiveton