Downham Market Saint Edmunds Church.

Downham Market Saint Edmunds Church.

Cantley, Downham, Tittleshall and Wellingham are good Norfolk examples of Old English place names, Cantley, Canta = Leah, Canta's Clearing. Downham, Dun + ham,= Hill Village, Market added later. Tittleshall, Tyttel + Halh,= Tyttel's Nook, and Wellingham, Well + Ingaham,= Homestead of the people by the stream.
Map directions at the bottom. Sitting high on a hill, Saint Edmunds Church stands proud and over looks much of this small town, made of local carrstone/carstone, the west tower is Early English and high in stater, it has a beautifully decorated font, similar to the Seven Sacrament ones, but this taking on Angels, holding shields with emblems, it has the most beautiful stained glass, this done by the firm that uses a Wren/Robin as a motif, rood screen, Carrstone, some Gothic parts. This small market town Friday's and Saturdays outside the Town Hall, Downham Market Saint Edmunds Church. overlooking the valley of the Ouse came two boys to the school kept by Thomas Nooks and William Chatham. They were Horatio Nelson, son of the parson of Burnham Thorpe, and George Manby of Denver/Hilgay, who invented the life-saving rocket, and often must the two friends have stood together on the bridge spanning the river, looking at the church with the low tower and little spire crowning the hill. Long before their names were in all men's mouths, another who belongs to English history sought the town as a lodging or a refuge, for it is one of the many places were Charles Stuart is said to have stayed after Naseby. He came here on May Day 1646, disguised as a clergyman. A reminder of the original Norman church is a small shaft set in the outside wall of the chapel. the oak panels high on the sanctuary wall were once the altar rails, and a fine old chest like a family trunk has massive iron bands and three locks. The 15th century font has eight shields carved with emblems of saints.
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