Eaton Saint Andrews Church NR4 6NW
Eaton Saint Andrews Church.

Eaton Saint Andrews Church NR4 6NW, Over the years, Eaton has grown from a small village to a city suburb. The Bishop of Norwich consecrated this new worship area on 17th June, 1993, this during Reverend Richard Hanmer's incumbency. The architect of the (New Church) was Mr Nigel Sunter. The altar and furnishings were made by Norfolk craftsman David Gregson and are designed to compliment the architecture. A copy of one of the Consecration crosses from the old church, made by David Holgate, can be found on the wall to the right of the communion rail. A number of floor tiles bear crosses to indicate where graves existed prior to the new building. Unusually there are two stoups, Medieval worshippers would dip their fingers into the holy water as a reminder of their baptism. The 15th century font is from Sandringham Church in 1896. The pottery bowl inside designed by a curate of Eaton in the 1980s, and made in Thorpe, Norwich. There is a Stuart table and a Tudor chair presented in 1926. Eaton Saint Andrews Church, west tower, north porch, nave, and chancel. This church is entirely thatched. Modern roofs and fittings, late 13th century pillar piscina with carved cap, the church also has a George III Arms.  churchesofnorfolk.com by the Old Boi is compiled using some notes from books to state the discription of the church. Cautley, Messent and Arthur Mee my favourites. Information for Pymar and Perfect at this church on memorials. Eaton has some good wall paintings, including a Martyrdom of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, and several single figures of saints. These were the words of M.R. James 1930.

Eaton Saint Andrews Church, Postcode: NR4 6NW.