Graffeti in churches of Norfolk

When is church Graffeti okay?
What years does it date from, or have churches always had their far share of people scrolling on walls of furniture inside or on the outside of them.
Where people punished when found causing graffeti?

Daisy wheels/Round wheel like objects cut into walls, some similar to that of Consecration Marks.
  • Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey has uncovered several thousand examples of shapes inscribed on church buildings, ranging from simple circles, through to six petalled flower designs - known as daisy wheels - to highly complex geometric constructions
  • It was originally thought these designs were exclusively created by the actual masons who built the churches, but experts said it is unlikely any single trade was responsible
  • It is thought the vast majority of these designs acted as "ritual protection" - having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck
  • At a more complex quasi-theological level they were designed to trap the demons that roamed the world within their complex structure, quite literally pinning them to the walls

Source Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey