Gresham All Saints Church NR11 8RT

Gresham's All Saint's Church, one of the 125 that has a have a surviving round tower, its west wall has huge lumps of conglomerate stone and you can see where the church was once wider, the stones are arranged in the Saxon style of long and short workmanship. The church is lucky enough to have its very own Seven Sacrament Font. one of only 40 in England, and of only 25 left in Norfolk. Gresham school has a famous link, WH Auden, (Wystan Hugh Auden (21 February 1907 – 29 September 1973) was an English-American poet), At thirteen he went to Gresham's School in Norfolk; there, in 1922, when his friend Robert Medley asked him if he wrote poetry, Auden first realised his vocation was to be a poet. Gresham, All Saints Church, west tower, south porch, nave and chancel. The round tower is probably Norman, There is a parvise over the porch. The font is a good seven sacrament one with the Baptism of our Lord on the east. near Sheringham, it has 2 bells, and is Decorated, with some Perpendicular windows inserted There are memorials to late rectors, including one to Robert Smyth, who died 1685, also to the Arden and Spurgin families. there are some 19th century stained glass windows.

Gresham, All Saints Church, postcode:NR11-8RT,