Hainford All Saints Church Ruin

Hainford All Saints Church Ruin, Just 7 miles north of Norwich, Hainford or Hamforda meaning Hedged enclosure by the ford. Old English haegan (enclosure) +ford Hainford has been in ruins now some 100 plus years. There is a new one further into the village. The tower still remains all covered in ivy, the graveyard is well over grown, but has some modern graves and is still being used as a mortuary chapel when there are internments. A chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary stood in its graveyard, on the east.  I have seen this lovely church on Youtube listed as  Waterloo Ruin, it is not, it is Waterloo Road, and it seems, some people can get offended by others using the latter name. Doing searches for the surname Smith, 149 searches came up for Hainford church. the first was an Anne Smith, on 28th July 1638, this listed in the Parish Register. I did notice in the graveyard a War Grave to one  2543 private J. T. COLEMAN 36th BN. Australian INF.10TH January, 1917 Age 26, RIP dear man. And thank you to all that have fought and died, or are still surviving.