Horsham with Newton Saint Faith Church

Horsham with Newton, Saint Faith Church, Horsham, Meaning: an enclosure where horses were kept. Old English Hors (Horse) + Ham (Homestead). Horsham Saint Faith Church was founded in Saxon times and was well established by the time of the Domesday Book of 1086. In 1106 a priory, dedicated to Saint Faith, was founded by Robert and Sybil Fitzwalter and built on a site beside the church. The church stands itself directly beside a busy road. The priory was mainly demolished in the suppression in 1537, and was purchased by Richard Southwell. Saint Faiths Priory is unique,  it is the only monastic refectory in England where the original reredos survives. The west tower of flint and freestone is dated between 1290-1350 and is in the Decorated Style. The belfry had three bells, this now four after being resigned as having only one after the Reformation purge of 1553, the bells dated between 1610-1612 and cast by the Brend Foundry near All Saint's Green Norwich. The font dates from 1450, the bowl, being recut. Its cover a fine 17th century Jacobean one. Horsham with Newton, Saint Faith Church, a fine 15th century church which is a shrine for lovely things. It is attractive outside with its lofty tower, the east wall finely chequered with stone and flint, and the porch with a fine niche and upper room. The vaulted roof has a central boss showing Saint Andrew bound to the cross. A beautiful modern door of linenfold lets one inside, where a striking feature is the delicate grace of richly moulded arcades, with 13 arches between them. Striking too is the 500 year old font, carved on the bowl with angels in traceried panels, with four queer animals at the foot, and crowned by a Jacobean cover rising nearly as high as the arcades. The chancel has a double piscina and there is a peephole in the south aisle. Old and modern benches  have poppyheads carved with fruit, flowers  and pelicans. Birds are climbing pinnacles in the oak reredos, which has niches and dainty tracery, and is in memory of a friend of the church killed by buffalo in Africa A rare medieval oak lecturn is complete with pedestal, and the 13th century oak pulpit has gold leaves over traceried arches and a gallery of paintings of saints and the Madonna. There is Saint Faith who added her name to Horsham, Thomas of Canterbury, Christopher, Andrew, John the Evangelist and John the Baptist, Benedict, and two others dressed as monks with staffs. There are also 13 paintings of saints on the panels of the richly carved screen, which was given to the church in 1528. The screen has been restored above the arches, which have double edges like lace.
Ancestral links to Batley.

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