Hunworth, Saint Lawrence Church, NR24-2EQ.

Hunworth, Saint Lawrence Church,

Hunworth Saint Lawrence church, from the moment I opened the front gate, spoke to a lady parishioner walking her yellow Labrador dog, and stepped over the threshold of this church, I felt at peace. in the moments I spent with the dog and from its angry barks and the way the lady had herded it to one side, I was taken back to 5 years ago! my mother had just died, my dog was loaned to a friend as I had became homeless, and the silly gluttonous dog ate its bedding that before it never had. my mother loved my dog, but wouldn't have it in the house, "Duke" a yellow Labby slept on hay in a purpose built kennel outside. The kennel had a hole cut into it, several arches and a grotesque set into its walls. Duke was more of a King! Duke's kennel its castle, Duke needed a £1000 operation and died the next day! This one a bitch, but half Dukes formidable size! The lady and dog left, the church, though later in the afternoon, stayed open. I turned the heart shaped handles of the porch of Saint Lawrences church Hunworth, and entered, When outside I noticed that the building had been changed and restored, it had a couple of gargoyles on the outside of its walls where the guttering rained out. Inside, it had an octagonal font with cover. With a couple of pictures there is the mark associated with Saint Lawrence. The Saint who was martyred on a griddle. The church has, Perpendicular windows from the 1350s, evidence of wall murals based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.

Hunworth Saint Lawrence church, Postcode: NR24-2EQ.
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