Kings Lynn All Saints Church and Hillington Square.

Lynn, is derived from llyn, the Celtic word for "Lake", Ouse being the name for "Water"' granted King's title by Henry VIII.
Remembrance Sunday, (Locked) will return when rest are done or when convenient. All Hallows, the Saxon name by which this church was once known, is the oldest Christian foundation in the town. Now hidden among the flats of Hillington Square, it is the original parish church of Lynn. It is referred to in a document concerning the building of Saint Margaret's Minster, dated 1101 and is described as the church of William, son of Stanquin lying to the south of Sewaldsfled.  Standing in an estate called Hillington Square, Formerly Coronation Square, and a part of town they called All Saint's, presumably because of the church. This part of town was where the whaling blubber community lived and worked. All Saints has in its south wall of the chancel part of the Norman corbel table and remains of the pier and arch of a former Normans chapel. The floor was then around 3feet deeper than it is now. Transepts were added to the church in the 13th century. The tower is new, the original collapsing in 1763.