Langford Church Stanta Battle Field

Langford Saint Andrew's Church, one of four churches connected to the Stanton, (Stanta) Battlefield near Thetford. These churches are out of bounds, but special visits can be arranged by the authorities. Lanford has a nave, south porch and chancel. It is in the Battle School Area and Cautley wrote. I couldn't get in. I saw it years ago and recall it was a very much restored church with little of interest in it. was this a true account or just sour grapes? Messet wrote, Lanford near Watton. It's actually just between thetford and Lynford off the main road. west bell-cot, 1 bell, nave chancel and south porch. Mainly late 13th century work with later insertions. There is a monument to Sir Jacob Garrard, Alderman and sheriff of London, dated 1666, and a memorial to Sir James Murray- Pultenay, died 1811. In 1888 this church was restored at the expense of the late Lord Amherst of Hackney. Pevsner wrote: The tower collapsed in the 18th century. The church now consists of nave and chancel. It is Norman. There are two original windows, one in the north, one in the south wall of the nave, and moreover the south doorway snd chancel arch. The doorway has two orders of shafts with elementary voltes and single-scallop capitals. The arch has a chain of bobbinn motifs and zig zag. The chancel arch is remarkably wide, It has three orders to the west, scallop capitals and rolls and bobbin motifs in the arch. The font is Octagonal, big, with tracery motifs. There are monuments to Sir Nicholas Garrard 1727, by Christopher Horsnaile Sen. Semi-reclining effigy and behind, to the left and right of a big urn, the two standing figures of Sir Nicholas's father and grandfather, Big architectural background. In a small booklet from 1979, written A former Owner's View, I have taken a small extract. A 150 years ago, much of the land covered by the Battle Training Area looked very much like it does today, except for the numerous belts of trees. Incidently Stanford Water wasn't there either. It was intended to revert to very much what it was, before our man in particular got after it, this was Thomas, 5th Lord Walsingham, who inherited the Merton Estate in 1839.

Langford Church Stanta Battle Field.