Me and why Im here

I hope you enjoy this site.

Churches of Norfolk is not just another site showing Norfolk's Churches, for me its an aide to my life, a site that helps me keep alive and pass the day, not only photographing, but meeting people too, some of these people most lovely and helpful, but some not always nice, there is the exercise and then there's the history and religious aspect too.

Norfolk is the county I have been honoured to have been born in 60 years ago.

After undergoing various operations for a fractured back, stroke and lastly a brain tumour, a physio suggested I take a little walk each day!

He meant the equivalent of the 200 yards to a local store and back.  Instead I now drive miles in a pursuit of Churches around the area, not only here, but other counties too, and take in a steady stroll when getting there also!

Please find easy access to all the Norfolk churches on the next page, A-Z of Churches in Norfolk, press on the white link that you require

I do not want to copy anyone elses site ,but its with thanks to them, that I now know so many places with a church.

Please visit as many Churches as possible and help them survive by making donations whenever you can, their up keep is enormous.

Thank You.

Comments/ suggestions, any events going on, email to: bolderokelly@yahoo.co.uk or visit the Visitors Book on its own page.