North Burlingham Saint Peter Church Ruin

North Burlingham Saint Peter Church Ruin, Burlingham or Burlingaham, meaning homestead of Baerla's people. Old English Baerla + ingas (the people of) + ham (homestead),west tower, nave, south and north porch and chancel. This church is being allowed to dilapidate and already the round tower is a ruin. The old 14th century font is very good (gone) but is lying broken on the floor and ought to be in Saint Peter Hungate. The church is now privately owned, on the day I dalled, the owners were out, a lady from the village said that they were very amicable people and sure visiting wouldn't be a problem on this occasion! Near Acle, remains of fallen, round west tower, nave, chancel, Mainly of the Decorated period throughout. There are several tablets to the Burroughes family. The round Norman tower of Saint Peter's fell in the early years of this century and has not been rebuilt, the oldest work in the church being 14th and 15th century. Here is a mass dial from the the days before clocks, but the three medieval bells, which long rang the people to worship and the children to Sunday School, have gone into the safe keeping of a museum in Norwich, and its 16th and 17th century brass inscriptions have been taken across to Saint Andrew's together with the screen as afore mentioned.

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