Norwich Saint John the Baptist Church.

One of the churches of Norwich in the Maddermarket area. This called Saint John the Baptist's Church, now a redundant church. Norwich, once the second most important city in England. Formerly the diocese was based at thetford, but Bishop Herbert de Losinga transferred the see to Norwich and began building the cathedral in 1094-96. ('See' as a noun means "the seat or office of a bishop". 'Holy See' means the see of the bishop of Rome. Therefore, the term refers to the city-state of Vatican because it happens to be the territory in which the Pope resides.) Saint johns was closed in1863-4 for restoration, it involved such extensive repairs that it may almost be said to have been rebuilt, even the aisle wall were taken down and rebuilt. The roofs stayed on props whilst all underneath was going on. Saint John's church was made available to the Greek Orthodox community in December of 1982, but by March they had decided to move elsewhere. There is a monument to Margaret Duchess of Norfolk 1791 by sculptor De Carle. This was found in the Redundant Churches Fund. Coming hopefully May/June 2018. There is a memorial to Robert, Mary and Sarah Rushbrook 1775 by sculptor Thomas Rawlins.

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