Quidenham, Saint Andrew's Church.
On the banks of the River Whittle, lies a church that has been there some 1000 years. there is proof that religious worship of one kind existed before what is now Saint Andrew's Church. Once called Girdlenham, or King's Land. The present church dates from the 14th/15th centuries. The church has a "Poor Box" dating from 1639, Quidenham is classed as a round tower, it is actually octagonal on top and dating from 950-1050AD, the rest of the body of the church is Perpendicular, it is one of 6 churches classed as the Quidenham Group of Parishes, Wilby, Eccles, Old Buckenham, New Buckenham and Banham the others. Inside is a drawing of how the church look previously, the spire which tops the tower was much shorter than that of the one today. Quidenham was a MU church and Mother's Union was very active in the village. There is not one today!