Rougham Saint Mary Church PE32 2SF

Rougham, Saint Mary Church, Rougham or Ruhham, Rough (unulivated) homestead. Old English ruh (rough) + ham (homestead) The words of a local lady were turn right, you can't miss it, well with the trees out in full leaf and no idea where you are, believe me it is very easy. A little upset at first at Rougham's Saint Mary's Church unruly way the graveyard was, but once inside I was pleased to see that apart from a few modern fitting, much has stayed the same. Most of the improvements and care has since 1690 been done by the family of North, a family originally coming from Yelverton, and still here today. There is only one bell in this relatively short tower, it was cast in 1618, by local man John Draper. there is a 14th century font, it has trefoil arches on its stem, and its cover given by eight children born to Charles and Augusta North in 1913. There are many brasses, and many carvings. there are two or three pieces of stained glass and choir stalls, possibly from the 14th and 19th century respective.The tower of the church is 600 years old. Over the west doorway is a battered Crucifixion with figures of Mary and John. There is no chancel arch, but a 13th century arcade of seven bays, with slender pillars and capitals dotted with flowers, runs from east to west, opening again to a north aisle. Saint Catherine with her wheel is in old glass, the font is 13th century, and an old woodcarving on a wall shows six Apostles with archangels between them. The Yelvertons, lords of the manor for centuries, is kept alive by memorials in brass. There is a portrait of Sir William of 1472, Justice of the King's Bench and executor of Sir John Fastolf, wearing armour and cloak; and with him his wife in butterfly headdress, two sons lying in shrouds. Another Sir William of 1586 is a civilian with his two wives, 16 children, and coats of arms. A floorstone marks the grave of yet another sir William of 1648, his wife Ursula, and their only son, the last of the line. Reginald Hoker gave a vestment to rougham church adorned with gold stars and hooks, his rebus and it is possible that the small blue birds on a suit at St Larence, Norwich, were intended for a rebus of the donor, Pilcrowe.

Rougham, Saint Mary Church, Postcode: PE32-2SF