Runhall, All Saints,Round tower church, norfolk,flint,wall murals, Saxon,Norman,
Runhall, All Saints Church, NR9-4DR.
Firstly I will say a big thank you to the neighbours of this church. After having had my brain operation, it seems my memory is now on short term. Because of this, I was left miles from nowhere without petrol. The gentleman without me asking invited to lend me petrol to get me to a garage. It not only got me to a garage, but to two other churches and home. I repaid in the week. Now Runhall All Saints, what a beautiful little church. with its round tower, its decorated front porch and its ornate brick laying around the window arch tops, this is a church for me to return to. It has a 14th century octagonal font, it includes a door that is mid 12th century, it has a dragon, beheaded (obviously by Saint George), it has several other features made in iron. It has rosettes and horseshoes.
Runhall, Round towers, fonts, Round tower church, norfolk,flint,wall murals, Saxon,Norman,