South Runcton Saint Andrew's Church.

South Runcton Saint Andrew's Church, near Downham Market, west bell-cot, 1 bell, nave and apsidal chancel. This church after being a roofless ruin for many years, was rebuilt in 1839, in the Norman style, with all external walls cemented over. There is a memorial to the Peel family. When the rebuilding was done, they say the chancel arch was reset, at the same time possibly redressed. By John Brown of Norwich in 1839, neo-Norman, original church was drawn by John Cotman the Norwich School of Artists. it has two arches, zigzag in the arch, billet in hood-mould. the stained glass of Saint Andrew, is it possibly by Wilmshurst. Same as Fincham.

South Runcton Saint Andrew's Church, Postcode: