Thetford Saint Peter Church

Thetford Saint Peter Church, square west tower, a clock, and 8 bells, nave with aisles, chancel and north porch. The style is a mixture of the Decorated and Perpendicular. The tower was rebuilt in 1789, and the bells were presented by Lord Petre in 1791. At this time much restoration and renovation took place, windows and wall facings being renewed. Several of the internal fittings are modern,  In the days of Edward the Confessor, there were no less than 13 churches in the town and in the time of Edward III there were 20. Of  this great number only three still remain, and one of them the first Saint Mary the Less, has been able to seek planning permission to spend £350.000 on it to turn it into housing. The other two Saint Peter (this one) and Saint Cuthbert's churches, with-in a stone's throw from each other are both locked and closed. The day I visited, two people said if they were still open, they would have visited. And that the only day I visited. All of these churches have been so rebuilt and restored and everything of interest removed, in Cautley's day, he said "It seems kinder to say nothing about them" Saint Peter's also known as the Black Church, this die to all the black knapped flints in its outside decor.
Today, they are a haven at night-time for alchoholics and people on drugs. What was once a lovely town, is now spoilt.

Thetford Saint Peter Church.